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Research on the Geomagnetic Reversals

The Causes of the Ice Ages and Geomagnetic Reversals (Polar Reversals).


The Problem—Why is the Earth Getting Warmer?

     The global warming issue has two competing scientific camps. One side claims that global warming exists and is caused by human made CO2 emissions which is heating up the atmosphere, resulting in global warming. The other camp says there is global warming but it mirrors the Suns output such as changes during the sunspot cycles. I fit into the Sun side of the argument, but both sides have no idea why the Sun’s output has been periodically increasing since the 1890s.


The Riddle of the Ice Age:

     The problem with current ice age models are, they can only explain a few of the known facts that happened during these periods. Scientists do not know why they happen cyclically through time or why only the Pleistocene period (11,000 years BP to 1.8 million years BP) exhibited repeated ice ages and ice recessions. They do not know why all ice ages are preceded with a geomagnetic polar reversal. We know there was a great mass extinction of species following the polar reversal and ice age but they do not understand why the extinctions affect both plants and animals worldwide. The most difficult problem to explain, using the traditional models, is the creation of new species immediately after the polar reversal and ice age. There are many more phenomena the traditional models cannot explain, but that has not stopped many scientists from presenting their model (explanation) for some of these phenomena.

     Scientists have been trying to figure out the ice age riddle for about 100 years. It should be obvious to everyone by now that the underlining philosophy that creates their models is wrong. The problem is that egos and inertia of the academic community and their institutions prevent change. Not to be too brutal on them but the next polar reversal and nova will solve the problem of their egos and academic rigidity. The question then is: will there be anybody left?


The Problem is the Matter Oriented Theory of Existence.

     Our science is based on a matter-oriented theory of existence, which assumes that matter is the dominant driving force in the Universe. Energy and light are explained as the changes in the states of matter. All scientific models are derived from this base philosophy. If this philosophy is wrong than all models built on this basic premise will be wrong.

     The only other alternative to explain the workings of the Universe is an information theory of existence. This philosophy holds that Information is the dominant force in the Universe and matter is the product of information. The information derives from another time-space dimension. Mr. Vogt's information theory of existence is called The Theory of Multidimensional Reality and his three books explains the basic philosophy. The first iteration on the theory was in Reality Revealed, The Theory of Multidimensional Reality (1978). The second iteration was presented in Chapter 3 of God’s Day of Judgment, the Real Cause of Global Warming (2007). The third iteration of the theory is in the latest book The Theory of Multidimensional Reality (2015). This is the world’s first information theory of existence.

     Even Stephen Hawking, a few years ago, corrected his earlier idea about the end of the Universe collapsing down to the size of a grapefruit, to the idea that after the collapse the Universe then goes to information. He also corrected his previous theory about black holes, which stated that when matter entered a black hole it was destroyed. His new theory is that the matter is not destroyed but goes to information. These two ideas were stated back in 1978 in Chapter 6, page 170 of Reality Revealed.


What is Going to Happen.

The sequence of events that created the Ice Age

     We will divide the ice age and polar reversal into three time periods, the first being 50 years leading up to the polar reversal and the ice age. The second part being the actual polar reversal, ice accumulation and other events that occurred within 11 years of the reversal. The last part is the aftermath. The following is a condensed version. Chapter 8 in God’s Day of Judgment has the complete explanation and all the proofs. Samples of Chapter 8 can be read on www.vectorpub.com.


50 Years before

The polar reversal is caused by a clock cycle that runs through time. This clock cycle crosses the x-axis every 12,068 years. Some might call this a zero-point energy event. A complete cycle would represent two polar reversals, or 24,136 years.

     The magnetic field of the Earth will start decaying within 50 years of the actual polar reversal, but the decay will start to exponentially decay as we get within 7 years of the reversal. The magnetic field does not have to go to zero before it snaps to a reversed polarity. As the magnetic field decays, it will create increased heat in the core of the Earth. The additional heat will rise towards the surface and manifest itself in the form of increased volcanoes and earthquakes. The increase in earthquakes is a result of the continental plates sliding more easily against each other. The increased heat of the mantel of the Earth’s, upon which the plates “float,” will become more lubricated, enabling them to move or fracture more easily. The increase in volcanic activity goes along with that process.

     The Earth’s rotation will start slowing down in this period of time, resulting in the necessity to add seconds, then minutes to our clocks. Weeks, and maybe months, before the reversal the Earth’s rotation will slow down markedly, maybe resulting in 28-hour days.

     The Sun will also be affected by its own collapsing magnetic field. The Sun’s output will start increasing over 140 years before the final reversal. The increased solar output will start heating up the surface of the Earth. Sea surface temperatures will rise during sunspot cycles, successively increasing, as we get closer to the reversal. The polar ice caps and glaciers will start melting, resulting in ocean levels rising. Before the polar reversal, most of the ice caps and glaciers may have melted. The increased sea surface temperature will create more violent and frequent storms worldwide. The increase in solar output will create additional levels of ultraviolet light hitting the Earth. This will deplete the ozone layers in the upper atmosphere during the sunspot maximums.


The Polar Reversal

     The actual polar reversal occurs in one day. There is a complex series of events that will happen on that day. I will start with what happens to the Sun.


What Happens on and in the Sun

     The collapsing magnetic field deep inside the Sun will create a large spike of energy that will cause the matter and dust shell on the surface, to expand very rapidly. This event we would call a stellar nova. I estimate the speed of the dust shell to approach 1,550 miles per second. My best estimate for the energy output during the nova is no less than 2,000 times the normal energy output. The equatorial region of the Sun will blow outward along the planetary plane, hitting each planet as the dust shell expands rapidly. As the hot dust/matter shell hits each successive planet, it will push the planets a little further away from the Sun. After the nova the planets will receive a little less energy from the Sun. The planets also lose some of their atmosphere and surface liquids. Eventually, the dust/matter shell will lose enough momentum and stall out somewhere past Neptune. This is called the Kuiper belt.

      After the Sun’s matter shell has been expelled, it will give off mostly ultraviolet light but not that much radiant heat. The Sun will remain that way until the matter shell can form around it again, and that may take a number of sunspot cycles.


The Rotation of the Earth

     At the exact time of the polar reversal the Earth will stop its rotation and remain still for seven to eight hours. The forests and buildings on the Sun-side of the Earth will combust if the plants are not flooded by the ocean or nearby lake. Not only will heat affect plants and animals, but the Sun will produce a massive dose of cosmic and gamma rays, which will reach the Earth within 10 to 15 minutes after the reversal. This cosmic particle pulse may last 10 to 30 seconds with the potential to alter the genes/DNA of both plants and animals, including humans. Now you know what creates new species based on older species.


The Solar Dust Shell

     The people on the Sun-side of the Earth will be able to see the Sun expanding, and the solar disk getting larger as it expands towards the Earth. I estimate the dust shell will take between 17 to 18 hours to hit the Earth. The dust shell will not necessarily hit the side of the Earth that faced the Sun, at the moment of the polar reversal, because 18 hours will have passed and another side of the Earth will be facing the Sun. When the dust shell hits us, it will deposit vast quantities of dust and rock on one-half of our Earth.


Solar Evaporation of Ocean Water and the Snow

     The nova will also evaporate at least 600 feet of ocean water, worldwide. Some of this water will be lost into space, carried away by the expanding dust shell. Some of it will appear to us as returning comets. Most of the water will remain in the atmosphere as superheated water for several days to a week. As the atmosphere cools down it will start to rain hot rain. As it cools further the rain gets colder until it turns to snow. Lots of snow and it will keep snowing for the next 40 to 50 years until most of the moisture is rung out of the atmosphere.

     If you could see the Earth from space just after the Nova, you would see it with a thick tail, pointing away from the Sun. It will be made up of dust and ice crystals. Eventually the debris tail will disappear over several thousand years, as the Earth’s gravity brings the material back into the upper atmosphere.


Fast Frozen Animals on the Back Side

     Just after the solar dust shell passes the Earth, the dust shell side will have extremely low atmospheric pressure because the dust shell would have blown most of the atmosphere away on that side, we just do not know how much. The backside of the Earth will temporarily have normal atmospheric pressure, but that condition will not last long. Very shortly after the dust shell passes by, the normal atmosphere on the backside, will expand very rapidly to fill up the front side (dust shell side) of the Earth. Two things will result from this process: The first will be extremely high-speed winds traveling around the Earth from all four corners of the globe, to fill up the extremely low atmospheric pressure on the dust shell side. The second consequence of this process is revealed in Boyle’s law: “If a given weight of gas is considered and if its temperature is held constant, the pressure and volume of the gas will be inversely proportional.” Applying this law to the conditions that will be present on the backside of the Earth, the atmosphere will expand very fast and, therefore, the temperature will drop to extreme levels, possibly below -180 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. Any life forms caught out in the open, or even in the average building will be fast frozen almost instantly!


The Oceans

      When the Earth stops its rotation, all the water in the oceans and lakes will continue to travel in the former easterly direction of the Earths former rotational velocity. It is like walking at 5 miles-per-hour with a pan of water and you stop abruptly. The water keeps on going at 5 mph. Just before the reversal, the Earth may only be rotating at 800 mph, instead of the normal 1,000 mph (at the equator), because the rotational rate will have slowed down considerably. I would expect the wave-speed to slow down considerably after the first hour on land. Many factors will determine the speed of the wave, such as land elevation, forest ground cover, gravity and the heat blast from the Sun. Depending on how long the Earth remains at rest will determine how far this immense Ocean wave will travel across the continents. When the Earth resumes rotation it will be in the reverse direction than previous. This action will make the tidal wave appear to once again speed up, but really its because the Earth would be now rotating in the opposite direction of the wave. I believe it is not unreasonable to assume the speed of this massive tidal wave would average about 350-miles-per-hour. Within a week, this massive ocean wave will have returned to the ocean basins. As it returns, it will naturally follow the river basins leading to the sea, cutting deeper into existing deep-sea canyons. Some deep-sea canyons currently cut down to over 11,000 feet below sea level.


The Rotation of the Earth and Major Earthquakes

     The rotation of the Earth should resume within seven or eight hours after the reversal point, but in the opposite direction. Currently the Earth rotates from west to east. After the reversal it will rotate from east to west, so the Sun will rise in the west and set in the east. Not only are the oceans affected by the polar reversal, but also the crust of the Earth. Just as the Oceans “swim” on the crust of the Earth, the crust of the Earth “swims” on the heated-up mantle. The continental plates are also traveling at the Earth’s previous rotational velocity at the time of the reversal. They will start banging up against each other thereby causing massive earthquakes lasting for weeks of constant shaking (over eight on the Richter scale) until the plates stabilize. Mountains will be pushed up and some may sink.



     Volcanoes will erupt worldwide because of the increased heat in the Earth’s core and mantle, and the pressure put upon the magma chambers in the crust. The dust from many erupting volcanoes will further add particles in the atmosphere, which will help seed the dense clouds already present as a result of the massive evaporation from the nova. The lava and mud flows from these eruptions will also further reshape the surface of the Earth.


The Ice Age Comeith

    Within a few days of the nova, it will start raining scalding hot rain, which will turn to downpours of cooler and finally cold rain. Within 10 days it should start snowing worldwide because the Sun will not be giving off enough visible light and heat to warm the Earth. It will continue to snow until all the clouds and moisture are out of the atmosphere. This process may take 22 to 44 or more years. When it is done snowing the Earth will be mostly covered with snow and thick ice in the higher latitudes and or elevations. We will then be in the grips of a full ice age maybe for full 700-years!


What About Life

     The affects of the polar reversal on all forms of life, will be devastating. It is not difficult to understand why there is always a mass extinction of all types of species at the time of the polar reversal. I had heard over the radio that biologists had figured out that there was only 35 fetal females world wide who survived the last Ice Age. Our job is to survive it, because the alternative is too depressing to think about. You now also understand the importance of what the author has discovered, and why God put the clues of this event within the Torah. If you do not care about yourself than think about your children or grandchildren. They should have a chance to survive this event.


The Moon

     The surface on the Moon will receive a dusting of particles and rocks from the Sun, in addition to the accumulation it has received from previous novas. There will be additional small craters from the larger molten glass lumps expelled from the Sun. Immediately after the nova, the Moon will appear red because the nova will turn the surface red hot.



     Now you all know what happened to all the water and oceans on Mars. Over the hundreds of millions of years it lost most of its water and the planet was pushed father and farther away from the Sun. Guess where the people of Mars immigrated to? I will give you a small hint. The translation of the name Giza means Mars.


The Aftermath

      Not all of the Earth will get enough snow to form a glacier. Some areas near the equator will not be in the grips of a full ice age. It should be colder than the last ice age because we will be a little farther away from the Sun. Dense clouds will cover most of the Earth for 22 or more years until all the moisture has been rung out of it. The Glaciers will block rivers and streams and create ice dams that will be present for hundreds of years. When the dams finally collapse they will cause huge floods on the rivers effected. Eleven to twenty-two years after the polar reversal most of the snow and ice by the equators should have melted at the lower elevations (10-15° North and South). Animal life will start to come back in these areas. Small plants and trees will start to again appear. The oceans of the Earth will be over 500 feet below current sea level. Glaciers will be present in both Atlantic and Pacific oceans and extend down to the lower North and South Latitudes. The occurrence of frequent major earthquakes should continue for at least 15 years after the reversal, until the outer mantle of the Earth cools down and the crustal plates stabilize.


The Diehold Foundation is the only organization that has discovered the mechanism that causes the polar reversal and ice age. Now you all know why it is important to continue our valuable work so people have a chance to survive this event.

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Days to the Next Polar Reversal.


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